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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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International Commissioners Exchange Network

Welcome to the Centre for Freedom Of Information

Established as a joint venture between the School of Law, University of Dundee and the Scottish Information Commissioner, the Centre is focussed on the implementation, interpretation and enforcement of laws which provide rights to information globally.

Our current main project is to carry out research and activities related to the work of Information Commissioners and equivalent appellate bodies worldwide. This project, assisted by funding from the Open Societies Foundations, aims to establish and support an International Information Commissioners Exchange Network.

At a European level the Centre is particularly interested in the impact of the Aarhus Convention and the EC Directive on Access to Environmental Information.

In Scotland the Centre reflects on the current experience of freedom of information. We aim to explore potential future developments, by stimulating discussion of a Transparency Agenda for Scotland.

The Centre facilitates exchange between FoI practitioners within public authorities, the legal and academic community and civil society. Its successful seminar series has included international contributors from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Slovenia, South Africa and Sweden.

The work of the centre is overseen by a Management Board, and is informed by an International Advisory Board consisting largely of current and former Information Commissioners worldwide.

The Executive Director, Professor Kevin Dunion, can be contacted at